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The Fox Hill School Story

The Fox Hill School offers excellence in early childhood education.  We provide a curriculum rich preschool and kindergarten readiness program designed to inspire and excite children about learning in a beautiful, nurturing, collaborative environment.  We offer flexible program options for children ages 2.9 to 5 years.


At the Fox Hill School our first priority is to make children feel safe, happy, confident and proud.  Our experienced team of early childhood professionals is committed to the unique and individual development of every child.  Teachers work with children individually and in small groups while providing time for students to learn from each other.  Each of our teachers has been carefully selected through an extensive interview and orientation process.  In addition, all of our teachers pursue ongoing professional development and everyone on the staff is certified in early childhood health and safety, first aid and CPR.


Our curriculum, “Tell Me a Story,” supports children’s emerging interests and skills and fosters self-expression, language acquisition and creative problem solving.  Our classrooms, indoors and out, have been specifically designed to provide age appropriate challenges and opportunities for young children.  The environment is constructed to stimulate children’s imagination and encourage active exploration and discovery.  Most of all, we are very serious about having fun!


The Fox Hill School provides services to children and families regardless of their race, cultural heritage, national origin, parents’ marital status, religion, political beliefs, disability, gender, or sexual orientation.

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